Intercambios Transorgánicos (IT) is a transdisciplinary research team. We develop interactive interfaces that allow the incorporation of new media and technologies in the field of health and education through inclusive strategies. We are interested in helping to build in these areas an approach that organically links the human, subjective, individual and identity with the functional aspects. Our goal is to draw new possibilities in the dialogue between art and science.

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Our research project (IT) began with the intention of studying the inclusion of new technologies in the field of health. Developed within the framework of the UNTreF Museum Art and Science, its objective is to generate a contribution to the clinical strategies used in the actions of prevention and treatment of mental health and disability.

From this starting point we began to develop a series of interactive supports with two objectives: to increase the motivation of the patients who travel through specific areas of a clinic and to promote both their creative development and the structuring of their identity traits. Our goal is to collaborate with groups of professionals in the rehabilitation processes.

At the same time we extended towards the educational level. In this area we began to organize various recreational-creative experiences with children and adolescents. Our goal is to propose and build with them an alternative learning that integrates body, art and technology.

On the other hand, IT offers a series of services ranging from the production of contents, installations and multimedia developments for all types of organizations and events to the training of teams working in transdisciplinary research methodologies.


Our critical approach to the advances and limitations of functional technology has led us to consider the need to produce devices/interfaces that stimulate, through the symbolic language of electronic art, creative, sensory, adaptive and exploratory aspects of those who are part of the Experiences that we carry forward.

Link + Research

We do this by linking MUNTreF with institutions interested in integrating different media and technologies into their work strategies.

Because we want the dialogue between art and science to be truly tangible, we activate transdisciplinary conversations and field explorations that offer us the data matrix that underpins our research. This is how we continuously guide, reshape and expand our critical perspective on the validated use of technology in health and education.

We represent our university and also consolidate new ties with peers and organizations through conferences, meetings, exhibitions and workshops that led us to tour various cities and institutions in Latin America and Europe.


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Gala Gonzalez

Gala Lucía González

Director and founder of Intercambios Transorgánicos
National school of music Juan Pedro Esnaola (Flute and piano). Art therapist of the First Argentine School of Art Therapy. Diplomat and researcher in Transdisciplinary Neurorehabilitation with VETAS methodology (UNESCO interest register). Workshop body awareness. Dancer. ILAB. AlunCo Foundation. Program Director Inclusion of Flexible Lab. Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Arts with sound orientation.

Won Ministerio de Producción: Emprendé Conciencia’s (2018) contest. UNTREF Emprende (2018) prize. Museo Mar’s, Fronteras Suspendidas (2018) scholarship. Disertante,  Nietzsche’s Complutense (Madrid 2016) congress. Ars Electronica’s (CCK 1015) round table.

Matías Napoli

Planning and communication
Degree in Social Communication Sciences with orientation in Politics and Planning (UBA). Teacher in higher education. Journalist. Student of the career Teaching in History in Untref.

Nicolás Stavorengo

Electronic technician. Software development. Design of electronic circuits. Photographer. Coral School of Tres de Febrero. Production and assembly CONICET Documentary and Coloso Eléctrico (Tecnopolis). ILAB. Student of Electronic Arts Degree with Sound Orientation at Untref.

Juan Martín Sesali Maydana

Programming. Composer and musical producer. Graphic design. Computer Engineering in ITBA and UADE. ILAB. Student of Electronic Arts Degree with Sound Orientation at Untref.

Agustina Las Peñas

Programming. Electronics. Music and songwriter (Viola). Sound design. Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Design at CCU and School of Music UNSJ (San Juan). Student of Electronic Arts Degree with Sound Orientation at Untref.

Claus Gabriel Hesse

Programming. Musician. Musical production. Institutional sound design. Development and technical-artistic maintenance. Assembly and technical production Immigrants Museum UNTREF. Student of Electronic Arts Degree with Sound Orientation at Untref.


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We are a research team in art and science whose objective is to develop interactive interfaces to be used in the fields of health and education.


We liaise with institutions and teams of professionals from various fields to generate synergies through our interfaces. We organize projects and train around the development of integrative experiences in which art and science converge. We have a vocation of service to society and we work to achieve the greatest possible social impact.



We investigate in an integrative way. We build knowledge through horizontal dialogue with other disciplines. We put the different knowledge at the service of our units of analysis.


We seek to intervene in the reality from a community approach and offer alternatives to established logics.


We consider it essential to be informed about the state of the art in order to constantly evaluate our work.


Our work both outside and inside the laboratory is based on collective commitment and permanent motivation in both research and service delivery.