July 2017 / Festival Invernautas

In the framework of the festival held at the Matienzo Cultural Club we organize a series of exploration activities for the whole family with one of our interactive interfaces.

May 2017 / Visit to the Argentine Nanotechnology Foundation (FAN)

On May 16 we were in the campus of the University of San Martín knowing the laboratories and equipment of the FAN. We work on planning synergies between the institution and our project.

April 2017 / Innovation and Technology Round

On the 24th we were involved in exchange tables with various institutions and companies at a meeting organized by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of the Nation, Science, Technology and Innovation of the Province of Buenos Aires, the Municipality and the Industrial Union of Tres de Febrero..

October 2016 / Metabody International Forum in Buenos Aires and Montevideo

IT carried out a series of collaborative works in the laboratory with the spanish philosopher, artist and researcher Jaime del Val, representative of the Metabody project. They were part of the Metaterapias conference: expanded bodies, dynamic spaces and plural ecologies and translated into conferences, workshops and other activities open to the public on both shores of the Rio de la Plata. The same ones that counted on the support of Spanish Cooperation, Embassy of Spain, AECID and Untref.

During the realization of the forum we explore different applications of interactive environments and theoretical and practical proposals of Metabody to contexts of learning of adolescents with functional diversity, proposing to use movement, physical contact and the dynamic environment as transversal and inclusive language.

Metamedialab in Muntref We schedule workshops to recognize and explore the possibilities of our collaborative work with Metabody.

July 2016 / Child Day Workshop

On the day of the child and in the framework of the exhibition of Muntref Art and Science we opened the doors of our laboratory to the most chic. We shared an introductory talk on basic electronics and designed several wearable accessories together.

July 2016 / Exhibition in Muntref Tecnópolis

The public knew our devices, could be part of the activities we carried out in the laboratory and left their testimony on the giant board of Exchanges.

Muntref Tecnópolis Buenos Aires, July 2016.- The Museum of the National University of Tres de Febrero – MUNTREF – reopens the doors of its headquarters Art and Science and presents “Transorganic Exchanges”, a sample on interfaces and electronic devices applied in the field of Health and education. With free admission, it will remain open until October 10, at the premises of Tecnópolis located in Villa Martelli Park. Access by Gral. Paz, Zufriategui and Av. Constituyentes. The exhibition shows the devices created by the research group also called “Transorganic Exchanges” dedicated to developing electronic interfaces and devices along with strategies for the inclusion of new media and technologies in the field of health and education. Those who visit the space will be able to know and experience the activities that are carried out inside the laboratory, that is to say everything that hides behind the finished objects, the digital interfaces and how they are intended to be used. During the winter holidays the exhibition can be visited from Monday to Sunday, from 12.00 to 20.00 hours and after school break, on Thursdays and Fridays from 10.00 to 18.00 and Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 12.00 to 20.00 hours. The project of this research team seeks to link with health and education institutions throughout the country, to generate spaces for use and testing of the devices being developed. The purpose is to make available the creations and ideas developed to create strategies in conjunction with doctors, psychologists, teachers, therapists of different specialties, neuroscientists, biologists and others, with different goals associated with improving health care, improvement in Quality of life of individuals and improvements in educational models. They form the Transorganic Exchange team Gala González, Martín Aranda, Nicolás Stavorengo, Juan Martín Sesali, Agustina Las Peñas and Leandro Escortell.

May 2016 / Presentation in Madrid

The IT director was presented at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Representing our country and MUNTREF, Gala González Barrios gave a presentation of our project in the framework of the meeting Posthumanist Studies and Technologies of Control, from Nietzsche to Trans- Post- and Metahumanismo.

April 2016 / Delectro Cycle

IT carried out an installation in the Cycle Delectro in Casa We Have Art. There we anticipate the launch of the 3D driver with a performance open to the intuitive participation of the public.

December 2015 / Presentation at the CCK

We participated in the Cultural Center Kirchner of a round table with other artists and scientists in the frame Ars Electronic Cycle Hybrid. We present the theoretical and conceptual framework that identifies our project.

November 2015 / Meeting with IES students Juan Ramón Fernández (Lenguas Vivas)

At MUNTREF Arte y Ciencia we offer an interactive tour with 6th graders from Lenguas Vivas. The visitors participated in different research groups, came in contact with our interfaces and put their initiative and creativity into play.

November 2015 / Presentation in Santiago de Chile

Gala González Barrios exposed the basis of our project at the symposium “Decolonizing bodies? Common body and plural technologies: Creation and transcultural transcultural criticism in the neocolonial era, realized in the Cultural Center of Spain of the trans-Andean capital.