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Space Challenge, an electronic puzzle adaptable for different ages

The device is a game of logic and operations named Space Challenge. It was created by undergraduate students of Electronic Arts in the University of Tres de Febrero. By using the basic principles of electronics, we proposed three problems of increasing difficulty. A specific combination of switches is required to solve them. The way each level is solved and the overall difficulty can be adapted to various scenarios. We use interchangeable thematic sheets that cover different ages and interests.

The device was designed for cognitive stimulation. Professionals can use it to update their resources and increase the motivation of the patients. The game allows to work with different objectives comprehensively and to create strategies to be solved gradually.

By using the puzzle game we can observe how different resolution strategies emerge, how they are mediated by group interaction and which responses show up when facing a challenge that is proposed as ludic but involves using tools acquired in formal education. Another important aspect to evaluate is the physical and gestural interaction of users with the device.

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