We are a team of electronic and professional arts students from different areas (teachers, technicians, programmers and designers) who are part of an R & D team at Tres de Febrero National University.


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In a constructivist line of thought about the processes of human intelligence development, IT brings different workshops and workshops to primary, secondary, tertiary, university and training centers tailored to the institutions. Activities include the use of our interactive interfaces, which present an alternative design to those popularized by the market.

What do we do?

We offer diverse creative recreational experiences for all ages. We not only have pre-established activities but also design them at the request of the institutions we visit.

  • Our proposals for primary and secondary are in accordance with the resolutions of the Federal Council of Education, which raises the need to develop educational options based on the use of ITs. They are also projected taking into account the educational needs of each school. Through our alternative approach to the validated use of technology, we offer both children and adolescents the ability to interact in other ways with art and science.
  • We work with tertiary level, universities and various training centers that have interest in exploring and training in the subject.

Activities (including materials)

For primary and secondary

  • Electronic arts workshops for schools.
  • Music workshops from electronic and hybrid sound objects.

For primary, secondary, tertiary, universities and training centers

  • Interactive experience with C3D: from visual and sound projections generated by our device on various surfaces of choice (walls, screens or fabrics).
  • Interactive experience with eterófono: generation of sound from the movement of the body in the space.
  • Workshops of Introduction to the Programming towards interactive interfaces.

For tertiaries, universities and training centers

  • Electronic art workshops and transdisciplinary approach.
  • Workshops of Introduction to the Programming towards interactive interfaces.


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We produce content, installations and multimedia developments. We also offer training in collaborative laboratory work and transdisciplinary research methodologies for multiple objectives.

Proposals (including materials)

  • Electronic art workshops and transdisciplinary approach.
  • Recreation days through the use of interactive interfaces.
  • Art days towards integrating projects.